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Monday, August 18, 2008

It's the best day EVER!!!!!!!!!

First let me say ~ if you're a fan of SpongeBob Squarepants ~ yes that is what I was thinking of when I wrote the title of this blog! lol

If you're not a fan.....nevermind.....let's move on.

Well Friday started the weekend off in a not so happy way. I got a call at around 1pm from the daycare that Joshie was doubled over in pain, crying and saying "it hurts". So I called his dr who was out until this week and they instructed me to take him to Urgent Care. So I did. They ran the test for a UTI which is what he had the symptoms for. Well long story short - nothing was found - he had a low grade fever - antibiotics were prescribed and seem to be helping. It's an infection of some sort and we're waiting to schedule a follow up with his dr this week.

Fast forward to Sunday (Saturday was just me getting super awesome deals with my coupons and driving the cashier at WalMart to the verge of insanity with all of my coupons! Insert Maniacal Laugh here ). Anyway - back to Sunday. We got up early and watched Veggie Tales. I plotted my WAGS course for the day and then we went out to breakfast with daddy-o (aka Jeff). After that we hit Wags and WalMart and then came home where Mimi was awaiting our arrival. We hung out for a few minutes and then piled in the car for Josh's first movie. Kung Fu Panda was playing at Sunrise - I figure it's the only movie theater around that you don't need to take a loan out for so we thought we'd give it a try. Well Mimi treated us so that was even better! Josh did great- He LOVED the movie and started trying to kick the bad guy when he was being mean to the good guys. Now he wants to see WallE when it hits the theater. (we'll wait for it to get to Sunrise).

Then when we came home Josh was crashed. So I put him down on the couch. He slept for a while and then Mimi decided she had to head home....a few minutes after she left she called to let me know there was some Aflac racecare down at the Ford dealership around the corner. Well that's CARL EDWARDS #99 car!!!! So I woke up the monkey and we were on our way. When we walked up there you would have thought it was Christmas morning and he had every gift he ever wanted. He was in awe. He talked to the people (and keep in mind the severe stranger phobia he has! lol) and told them that his favorite driver was Carl Edwards. When the guy came out that was in charge of the car he asked Josh what his name was and who his favorite driver was. Then the guy said why don't you have your mama hold your stuff (they had given him two talking Aflac ducks, one in full race attire, an Aflac racecar the same size as the ones Josh collects, pens, markers and a hat) then he took that old fella's hand and walked over to the racecar. Next thing I knew Josh was INSIDE the car! That's normally not allowed unless they are sick kids but I guess he sweet talked them or something. I mean I can't resist that cute little face looking at me! I didn't have my camera (my batteries are dead, thanks Energizer.....keeps on going my hiney). So one of the guys took pics with his phone - I'm hoping he emails them to me soon - if he does I'll post them. Then the old fella asked if Josh wanted him to start the car so we all got back, Josh covered his ears and said "GENTLEMEN, START YOUR ENGINES!" and he started it up and revved it. The look on Josh's face was priceless.....he was just in awe of that car and it was the greatest thing he had ever seen. After we came home he talked about it all night and was still talking about it today. It's definately a HUGE memory even if we don't have pics.

On another happy note - we got the footrest from Leaps and Bounds today - that thing is so cool! If anyone travels alot with their kiddo I definately recommend it!

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