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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Here kitty kitty

For a few weeks this cat kept coming up to the door at about 5:30am meowing and apparently wanting food. I thought it was the neighbors cat and that she had been starving the poor little critter so I started feeding him outside. Then I found out it WAS NOT the neighbors cat - he is MUCH larger but was nearly skin and bones. After talking to the neighbors - one already has a can't have a cat, I thought we'll try it out and see how allergic I still am. Well it turns out as long as he's clean I'm fine. So now "Thomas" gets a wash-down every evening and has acclimated quite well to the "house cat" lifestyle. I don't want him going out because of the yucky fleas. He has ginormous claws but hasn't used them once, he's a lover cat. I don't think he's quite a year old....he's been fixed so I figure maybe someone got forclosed in one of the neighborhoods around and just left him - or they just moved and left him. He's a very sweet cat and wants to do everything right. As you can imagine Josh is SUPER excited that he now has 2 pets.

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