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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Free, Free and more free (actually made $2.02) Woohoo!!!!!

Free free free! My best trip to Wags yet!!!!!!
I am at work and in a rush so here's the lowdown.....
I went to Walgreens on the way to work this morning and bought:
4 boxes Special K $10
3 Rice Krispie Treats $6
1 Keebler Cookies $2
1 Box Kashi $4.99
2 Pop Tarts $4
2 Angel Soft TP 3.79
Subtotal $30.78

-$4 Special K q's from Vocal point
-$1 off 2 pop tarts q's
-$1 off 2 Rice Krispie treats q's(couldv'e done better if I had gotten 2 cookies - could have made one more dollar but it's ok - I let the little man pick the last item)
2 $.99 Q's for TP making them total 1.98
-$4.99 Kashi q (free box coupon they sent me after a trouble with a box I had already purchased)Grand total with tax was $18.13
BUT WAIT - there's more - I got $10 in RR (basically money to spend at Wags on my next order)bringing it down to 8.13
Plus I'll be sending out the rebate (effective today) and get another $10 - which brings my total down to -1.87 (profit) if you look at the totals before tax I made $2.02 PROFIT SWEET PROFIT!!!!!!
And I've got enough cereal stockpiled to last a while - I think I'll try that Special K program! lol I've got enough to do it for a while!

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