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Sunday, August 31, 2008

The dream of every 3 year old boy......

.......would of course be the "Pancake Puff Pan", right? Josh has been OBSESSED with this thing since the first time he saw the cheesy commercial. All he has wanted was the Pancake Puff Pan so we could make the party puffs. Well today when I was looking through the ads and I saw a knock off version of that sucker for $10 you bet your bippy I was on my way to the store asap! We went there after a slight detour and got the "Perfect Puff Pan" which works for us. When I showed it to Josh his eyes lit up like Santa just walked in and handed him a pony, puppy and new bike. With his eyes wide open he looked at me and whispered "Can we make the party puffs momma?".

Josh crashed on our way home from the store and when he woke up I was making the puffs. He wasn't too impressed - they were basically little cake balls on a plate - but later - when I presented him with that plate of cake puffs with frosting stacked on top of each other - he had that wide eyed look of amazement again. He just looked and me and whispered "Yeah momma - that's the party ones".....then he proceeded to shove as many as he could into his mouth. I think we'll be fixing lots of puffs in our future.

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