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Thursday, July 24, 2008

A calm moment....

Well I have finally found a calm moment to sit and write a little bit about our recent activities and boy have there been quite a few!

July 4-12 we went up to visit Papa and Grama. It was quite a long drive but Josh managed like a pro. He was pretty excited about getting to peepee on the side of the road all the way up (it was a little chilly most of the way back for that! lol) . We stopped at the Winnemucca Wal Mart on the way up and the way back so Josh could pick out a treat (with his OWN money) and that was super cool (for him).

While up there we got to see Grammie Maxine, Old Papa and Grandma Mildred in addition to all the time Josh spent tormenting, I mean having fun, with Grama and Papa. He discovered the awesomely neat-o playhouse outside of Papas house and that made for quite a bit of fun. Among many other things Josh got to help out in the garden, set off some fireworks, ride in the red truck, work in the workshop (like Bob the Builder), ride the riding lawnmower, meet his cousin Jordan and ride Mimi's 4 wheeler. I can't believe we fit so much stuff in that amount of time. He really kept Grama and Papa on thier toes and I think they may still be recovering. :) The crown jewel of the activities would have to be the water fight. Josh had been planning this for quite a while. It all started with his squirt bottle.....the next thing I know dad cut off our water supply (the kiddie pool) and somehow I ended up drenched (major flashbacks to when I was a kid - - - always seemed to end the same way then as well, thanks dad). Josh had a great time and I will hopefully add pictures soon. I'm typing this on my lunch break at work since things are so busy at home - I don't have much time to blog. Many popsicles were had by all in the days we were in Unity and Josh really loved the big "hot tub" in the bathroom. All in all it was a wonderful trip and I think everyone had a super time. I couldn't ask for a better kid. Josh was great the whole time we were there (as he usually is). We even got to go to John Day one afternoon and go to Dairy Queen. Woohoo!

Once we got back we started moving some of Josh's stuff into his new bedroom and getting things situated for him. That is an ongoing effort since Mama is so tired in the evenings.

Last weekend (July 20th) we went to Nut Tree for the first time. If anyone has never been to Nut Tree and you live in this area it's definately worth the drive. It was a perfect day. $10 for a wristband and you get unlimited rides - we had so much fun - I've still got bruises from the I-80 traffic jammers bumper car ride. This place is just for little kids so you don't have to worry about all of the nasty teenagers like at Six Flags. Plus I like the $10 wriste band Vs the $40 admission at Six Flags.......easy for me to choose when you look at the $$.

I also have a new love in my life - it's my Ginormous coupon binder. I love it, I really do - a love that is unnatural and probably banned in most states - but it saves me so much money! I have been taking it everywhere and since I got the printer hooked up (that I acquired at dad/lea's house - THANK YOU!) I am suddenly finding MORE coupons!!!! I LOVE COUPONS!!!!!!!!!!! I will post pics of it too - it's a BIG zipper binder. I had a small organizer but have SO outgrown that. I may need to upgrade to a larger one soon - so if you see any deals let me know!

With that I had better sign off - I have to get back to work in about 5 minutes and I still have to check my email still.

Hope everyone is staying cool and having a great July.

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