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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Back to the normal routine (somewhat)

Today Josh is back in his normal routine - kind of. I still have to work a long day so Mim took him to Huggy Bear and dropped him off this morning. He was happy to be back with his friends. I talked to Lori and he's doing great - he even tried to go poopoo (which he apparently is doing regularly there now - which makes me SO happy!). He told Lori that we are making cupcakes tonight for treats this week. The annual Huggy Bear 4th of July parade is on Thursday so I thought we would take our treats on the 2nd to get them geared up for the red, white and blue!

So - tonight - we will go home, have popsicles and bake cupcakes. We might even eat dinner at some point. We also need to start packing for our roadtrip. It's getting close and I have absolutely nothing ready to go. Just a few days and we'll be at Papa and Grama's house - - - and according to Josh "Papa is going down". Josh has been practicing with his squirt bottle so Papa better watch out!

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