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Thursday, June 12, 2008

The three day Birthday Extravaganza

I know I'm a little behind in getting this one posted but better late then never I guess. Josh's 3rd Birthday weekend went off without a hitch and he had a great time. The festivities started on May 16th (his actual bday) where he had a party at his daycare with all of his friends. He had a Lightning McQueen cake which he LOVED.

I had given him his Jeff Gordon hat and shirt the night before so he could wear it on his birthday (and so he would take the John Deere shirt off that Mimi had given him - it was dirty but he still wanted to wear it!). He is such a litle Nascar fan it's so funny.

We had a little fun that night and he got to open the rest of his gifts. We also went out to dinner at Red Robin before we came home to open the gifts. He got an ice cream sundae and the whole staff sang hapy birthday to him. He got a little red in the face but did great with it - especially for a 3 year old. He kept reminding me that he was 2 yeasterday but 3 today. You're practically a grown up when you're 3.

The next morning was a big deal....his Birthday Party at Chuck E Cheese. He loves CEC and was so excited to have a party there. He invited a few of his friends including a couple from Huggy Bear but we kept it small. 3 of his friends showed up which was perfect. We had it at 10am so they got to run around and be goofy for a while before the crowds showed up. The Birthday party there was a Thomas and Friends theme (shocker right?). We did cupcakes for that party (which I bought at Sam's so I had enough for a small country).

The next day was the BIG event - Day Out With Thomas out in Woodland. It works out perfect because it's always right around his birthday. We drove out there and went for a 40 minute train ride with Thomas pulling us. We got to see Percy - some buses - there were games - rides and of course a gift shop. We didn't get to see Sir Topham Hatt - he must have been in some important railway meetings because he didn't make it out there while we were there. It was setup great this year and was more like a little town and not so smunched into a small place like the previous year. I have a feeling we'll be doing this one annually for a while.

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