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Sunday, June 15, 2008

The fall of the #2 monster

As a parent I have realized that this (being a parent) is a road paved with uncertainty and second guesses. There are many serious questions to face, many serious obstacles to overcome and many small battles that may someday win the war. The battle we have been up against for some time was that of the "poopoo on the potty" dilemma. I'm sure many parents could back me up on this one. I never in my life imagined I would be so overcome with parental pride as I was this weekend. We have finally FINALLY defeated that monster that had been lurking over us for the past few months.

One day my son just decided that he was ready to start going potty on the toilet and not wearing "baby" diapers. With a tremendous amount of help from his daycare we were able to get this on track in nothing flat. He of course had some minor setbacks here and there and had peepee accidents more often then not but for some reason we just couldn't get him to go poop on the potty.

It was the same thing every night - trying to get him to go - sitting in the bathroom reading book after book after book until his little bottom hurt from sitting so long. So he would get up and within 5 minutes of getting up he'd be doing the "Poopy penguin waddle" into the bathroom asking me to come clean up his butt.Well, last week something just clicked. He did it and I made a HUGE deal out of it. He pooped in the potty and was so proud of himself. I let him know how proud I was of him but I still didn't have my hopes up - was this a one time happening - did the planets all align for this one glorious moment that would soon pass and I'd be back to rinsing out little pairs of 2T Superman underpants or could it really be happening? Could he actually be starting on the path of pooping in the potty?

Well to spare you all of the poopy details Josh has been pooping consistently now for 3, yes 3 days. I couldn't be prouder. His favorite part of the whole thing is that he gets to tell me what the poop looks like in the potty before he flushes. Kind of gross I know - if you have kids you'll understand - if you don't - just wait. This, I believe, was the last of the small battles in the war on potty training. WE HAVE DEFEATED THE BEAST - OH YES - WE HAVE OVERCOME!!!!!!!!

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