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Monday, April 14, 2008

My little psychic friend Vol. 2

This morning I was sitting here emailing at about 5:30ish when I hear what sounds like Josh gasping for air. I jump up and run down the hall to the bedroom where I find my little darling wide awake and laughing. I ask him what he's doing and he points over in the direction that would be on the right hand side of me and says "Mommy - he funny!" I asked who and he pointed again and said "Right there mommy, he funny, he say you guys go back to bed" By this point I've got goosebumps going on in full effect. I asked a couple more times who he was talking about and he kept pointing to the right of me saying "Him mommy, right there, he funny" and then he would laugh. I asked if he was still by me and he said "No he gone now". So I sat down and asked if this man had visited him before and he said yes. I asked if he knew who he was and he said no. I started asking a few things - was he old/young, was his hair light/dark and he answered with "He old" and "hair is light and dark". So I asked him if he would know a picture of the person if he saw them and he said yes. I came out and showed him a picture of Grandad and he said no - that not him. So I got out a photo book and started flipping through. When we got to the picture of Grandpa George he said "That him mommy". So apparently good old Grandpa George came to visit (and not the first time according to JT). I asked mom this morning about stuff Grandpa used to say and she said when they were kids they would get cots setup and when Grandpa would get up to have coffee the kids would try to get up and he would say "Go back to bed guys" which is exactly what Josh was saying. I had him say it to her the way he said it and it was exactly like he said it. The same intonation and everything.

The things this little boy is in tune with is scary at times but also reassuring. Anyone who thinks that it's over when you leave this earth hasn't had a child. They can see things we can't....things that we could once see when we were young and innocent....but now with the hustle and bustle of everyday life we don't allow ourselves to see everything around us. I think we always have "visitors" - our family doesn't leave us just because we can't see them in the physical world anymore. They take care of us and check on us until we meet them again. Josh has made me realize alot. There are names and things he shouldn't know but he does - I have no explanation as to why. He just seems to see things and pick up on things that other people don't. He is definately a very special little boy.

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