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Friday, March 21, 2008

Pinky the kid rides again

Well I noticed that the little mans eyes were abit goupy and nasty the other day - figured it was allergies but still had Lori at the daycare check him before I left him just to make sure. i didn't let him touch anything or take his shoes off until she gave us the ok.

The next morning the poor kid woke up and one eye was totally goobered shut. He was calm but told me he couldn't open his eye. I got some warm water and we got him fixed up. I had Lori check again and she thought it was something that a couple of other kids had but theirs went away in a day. I just didn't feel right so I called the dr and made an appt as soon as they opened. Called the daycare and let them know when I'd be picky Mr Goober Eye up and hoped for the best. i just wanted to rule out pinkeye or any sort of eye infection.

Fast forward to the dr's office. Josh is waiting patiently - this is his first trip to the dr where he hasn't totally sreamed and gotten completely panic stricken so things are looking good. We talked about everythign the Dr would do and he seemed ok. I know he was choking back some tears but he was being big and strong for mommy. They called us in - he stood on the scale and weighed himself (35 lbs with the shoes on) and let the nurse take his temp.

We walked to the end of the hall to the last exam room (which happens to be right by Joshs pictures from a couple fo years ago so we got to look at that). We waited and he was shaking like a little leaf on a very windy day! He kept hearing Dr Cohan go from room to room and he'd look at me "He come see Joshie now?" (with a little trembling voice). A few minutes later it was our turn and when the dr came in Josh told me to put him on the table. He told the dr to check his eyes and his ears (which is what he did have to do) then he checked Boco the disel train as well. The bad news Josh did have what the termed Pinkeye though it's probably due to his allergies (allergic conjuctivitis) but we got the rx for the antibiotic drops and Josh got to pick out a new cool sticker from the stash by the door.

We went to the pharmacy down the street and got some candy while we waited. Then we went to my work to tie up a few loose ends and let them know I would be out until Friday. Then we went home- put the drops in and rested. The drops are not fun but he does them because Dr Cohan said they will make him better.

Yesterday we went and he bought some new trains with the money Mimi sent him and I bought him a Dr kit and some sidewalk chalk. Now he walks around saying he's Dr Cohan - I've had about 70 checkups in the last 24 hours.

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