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Sunday, February 24, 2008

The wonders of my boy

I have been around many kids in my day and they all do the normal kid stuff. For some reason (my parents both claim it is some sort of cosmic payback) I have a somewhat abnormal - or super smart little turd. He never ceases to amaze me with what comes out of that sweet little mouth. Like the day my mom and I were driving along and we start hearing "whatyou do whatyou do whatyou do" only to realize this precious little person with the eyes and face of an angel was grooving out to the tune in his head which happens to be the theme song to COPS. We now spend our Saturday evenings watching "bad guys" and eating popcorn. This has become our Saturday night ritual. Keep in mind he is only 2 and will only turn 3 this May. Today we went to the dollar store and I let him get a "grab bag" for a big $1 and you would have thought that there was a puppy in that bag the way his eyes lit up - it was a pair of handcuffs - so now he lays down on the ground and says "Mama I a bad guy take me to jail" so I put him in his chair and give him his little play phone and give him his one phone call.

Due to his love of COPS and the "look" of most people on the show - anytime he sees anyone that looks a little scraggly he screams at the top of his lungs "BAD GUY GET DOWN NOW! HANDS UP!" It's getting harder and harder to go anywhere in public.

Then there was this afternoon - it seems as though he might have an ear infection so he knows that if he is sick tomorrow he can stay at home with Mimi. Now he keeps telling me "I sick mama, I no go to Huggy Bear I stay with Mimi" - to prove this point he apparently lost the ability to walk at various points during the eveing ....only when I was looking. When I was watching him he was dragging himself across the floor doing the "low crawl".When I would look away he would get up and run to the couch. He told me he couldn't walk. Poor little fella. It must be horrible to have such a bad ear infection that you are unable to walk.

I'm sure this is just the first of many installments. I need to keep all this stuff written down so I can remind him of all these fun times when he's older. Then I can finally say "paybacks" He just always seems to entertain me. I'm sure I could write a book of these little stories and I'm sure I will get quite a few entries on here.

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