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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Trickery, deception or just an ornery kid?

I often find myself trying to figure out how the mind of a 2 year old works. So far I haven't a clue. I know that Josh doesn't miss ANYTHING and understands way more then anyone gives him credit for. His mind is like a little sponge and he soaks up everything. He may not use his stored information today but someday when I least expect it he pulls something out of that huge brain of his and just blows me away with what he says.

Just the other day he was looking at all of his trains and looks at me with a 1/2 smile and says "Mama - where is Duck?" I said "Honey you don't have Duck". His reply "Oh - Mama you need to buy Duck for me" - with that he grabs his Thomas and Friends checklist - turns it over and shows me the oh so small picture of a playset that of course comes with Duck the train. He looks back over at me and says "See Mama - Duck is right here - you buy him". So that goes on the long list of "gotta haves" in the Thomas and Train line. Not to mention the gotta have list for Word World is growing daily as well.

This little boy has the greatest imagination for a kid his age. He is now doing different voices for different characters and really getting into his creative play. In his little kitchen he cooks me dinner almost every night and can see letters and numbers in the most abstract of shapes. His mind is constantly working and learning. I don't think at this age and with his sweet (most of the time) disposition he has the capacity for deception so I'm thinking that he's just an ornery little turkey that tries to trick his mommy into saying she'll buy him yet another train.

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