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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Oh how time flies......

I can't believe how much my little monkey boy has grown. I looked at the growth chart and realized I hadn't measured him in a while. He is now (drum roll please.....)3'2" tall and weighs in at an earth shattering 34 lbs!!!!!What's funny is I measured him almost exactly one year ago and he was just a hair under 2'10". I can't believe he is getting so big. I finally had to bite the bullet and order some mroe big boy pants from Old Navy - they are the only ones I can find that come in his size and have the adjustable waist band. He has such a narrow waist and long legs it's like trying to find pants for a baby if you know of any good baby horse pants stores please let me know.

I must run - I have an order that was just placed for an apple and jelly toast - at 8:30 pm- but if slim wants to eat then slim is going to eat! I need to get calories in this kid!

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