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Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday, an ear infection and some home grown grass

Josh and I are both just about over the lingering symptoms of this nasty flu that has been going around. I managed to escape it without getting an ear infection. Josh on the other hand has not. Not wanting to go the dr the only other alternative was for Josh to let me put drops in his ear. He did that this morning and didn't complain, much. He said his ear feels much better this afternoon. He stayed home today with Mimi and had a banner day. He got to watch the remainder of the big Nascar Race and he got to watch COPS.

The BIG news today was our "Pet Grass" - that is grass that we are growing for our pet - not grass that IS a pet - - - it was FINALLY long enough today to cut some off for Davey to see if he likes it and it was a resounding YES! So now we will probably buy a couple more of those little thingys to make sure Davey gets his grass. It was quite exciting for Josh.

I must go play Cars now. The boss man is calling me.

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